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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Mission From Mars-Joe "Fat Man" Lucas

If only he knew. That was the one sentence that went through Christina’s mind as she left Fort Franks. It was time for her to get her second interview. She had to drive over to Industrial Sciences because they wanted to the pilot to train there. His name was Joe “Fat Man” Lucas. It seemed a little odd to Christina, but she was confident that all of it would explain itself when she met the man.

Little did she realize how accurate that statement was. Lucas was a shade under six feet tall, but had to weigh at least three hundred pounds or more. For man his size, though, he appeared to be rather agile. When he saw Christina, he extended his paw of a hand. If Christina was afraid of anything, it was that this man would crush her.

“How are you doing?” asked Lucas.

“I am good.”

The two walked along the outside of Industrial Sciences. Christina began to interview with minor questions, but eventually got to the mission. “Why were you chosen to pilot this mission?”

“I was an ace on the simulators,” replied Lucas. “Also, I was the only guy who knew how to hald Phoenix. She is a tough bird to fly. Part of the problem with her is that you need to fly her out of the planet from the ground. So instead of having a booster rocket, you are doing it yourself.”

“How long have you been preparing for this flight?”

“Its been about six months,” said Lucas.

“Why that long?”

“When I heard about the mission,” said Lucas, “I volunteered right away. Something like this does not come along very often. Besides, I am the best.”

“Because you are an ace?”

“Exactly,” replied Lucas.

“If a dangerous situation were to present itself and you needed to get away from the planet, would you be able to make sure everyone was safe onboard the Phoenix?”

Lucas stopped and looked at Christina. “I guarantee, if anyone tries to do something to my ship, I will get her out of harms way. There is nothing that will cause even a scratch on her. I guarantee it.”


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