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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Mission From Mars-A New Revelation

Staring at Spiro was a tragic thing to do now for Christina. The man looked as if he had aged so much over the past couple of weeks. According to nurses at the retirement center, there was a mixed reaction to his story. On the one hand, some folks thought he might be telling the truth about what happened. Those people tended to be the residents of the facility. These were the people who were old enough to remember their last days on Earth and could believe much of what Spiro said. Then there were those who did not believe him. These people tended to be younger and generally the staff of the retirement center. From their point of view Spiro was telling a bunch of wild stories to get everyone riled up. As a result, they would do everything in their power to try and sedate him. It didn’t take Spiro long to realize what was going on, so he made sure not to swallow all of his pills when they were brought to him.

Christina was always a welcome sight for him. If there was at least one young person who would believe him, she was that person. She came back to him for more information on that damned tape. Spiro had wracked his brain with any kind of memories he had about it. There was only one left to share with her. He had kept this one secret because it was more devastating than anything else. However, now he was forced into a position where he had to reveal it.
Looking out the window, Spiro said, “There is only one part of the story I never told you.”

“What is it?” asked Christina.

Sighing, Spiro rested his head into his hand. “After I watched the tape, the images in it frightened me. I needed to do something to the tape. I contemplated destroying it. In the end, I decided to do one small edit to it.”

Christina felt the color in her face drop away. If Spiro edited the film, how much did he edit? The old man was more than willing to let her know. “When I first watched the tape, there was something smeared on the man’s shirt. At first I thought it was grease or oil, but ten at the end of the tape, I realized it was blood. The reason for that realization was what happened to the man in the tape. There was a banging on the door. He looked towards it and then that is when it happened.”

“What?” asked Christina.

“I can’t tell you. Words can’t describe what happened. I opened the cassette and carefully cut the tape at the point of the banging and then reconnected the tape when it went blank again. I even copied a brief moment when he turned on the camera.”

“Why did you do it?”

Tears began to roll down Spiro’s face. “I just had to. If you saw what I saw, then you would understand.”

Christina sat back in her chair. Her ace in the hole was something big, but how big? Biting her lip, Christina tempted fate. “Is it possible for me to see what you saw?”

Quietly sobbing, Spiro nodded. Trembling, he stood up and walked over to his dresser. Opening one of the drawers, he pulled a small micro tape out and gave it to Christina. “That is the only copy of the ending of that message.”

Quickly placing the tape into her purse, Christina wrapped her arms around Spiro. He needed a little comfort. His life was not going to be easy anymore. The two parted ways after a few minutes. Christina needed to get home and watch the tape Spiro gave her.


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