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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Mission From Mars-Chasing the Story

Christina had received a great deal of praise for her article. Numerous calls were coming in from people. Some were saying it was a unique perspective of history and gave the public something new to think about. Others were saying she was nothing more than an anti nationalist who only wanted to cause problems. For this line of work, everyone was a critic. Overall though, her editor thought the high degree of feedback that was coming from the story was a good thing. It meant people were going to be reading more of what the Chronicle had to say on different events situations on the planet.

“Hey Christina,” shouted one of the reporters in the bullpen.


“Check out the news broadcast.”

Christina turned on the small television in her cubicle. On the screen was Richard Mentor, head of Industrial Sciences. “Yes, I have read about the story from the Chronicle.”

“What do you say to the story of Spiro Wilson?” asked an off camera reporter.

“Certainly it is a story,” replied Mentor. “I do not deny that Mr. Wilson was once an employee here; however, this is a very shocking story to hear about. I can assure all of you in the press that we here at Industrial Sciences plan on investigating the legitimacy of the tale and will report back to you as soon as the investigation has been completed.”

Christina turned off the television and turned to her computer. She opened a new document and began to type. “Richard Mentor, head of Industrial Sciences, recently announced that he plans on conducting an investigation regarding the story of Spiro Agnew Wilson and how Earth stopped contacting Mars. The opinion of this reporter is that if the head of Industrial Sciences plans on conducting an investigation, then there is some kind of truth behind Mr. Wilson’s story. If it was false, then Mr. Mentor could have come out and said as much. However, if an investigation is needed, then there has to be some legitimacy. Something of this magnitude would have been discussed and revealed much earlier in the history of our planet.”

Typing this new article made Christina think of numerous things. She was certainly affecting many lives. The Senate voted to give more money to the space program. Now there was a chance they could pull the funds. In addition to this, history books would need to be amended. A number of things were going to change for Mars.


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